Should Gerrard come back to the Premier League?

Today the Sunday Mirror reported that none other than Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard is contemplating a BPL return.

After leaving Merseyside the box to box midfielder has been frequently linked with a loan return, however now there is a chance it may even go as far as a permanent transfer.

The question this begs however, is whether he should…

There is little doubt Steven Gerrard would be good in any dressing room, just to lift the spirits of the team, and hopefully teach the younger players a thing or two. But whether he would be as good on the pitch these days is another matter. By the time Steven left Liverpool his match winning ability had certainly waned, despite a still strong haul 9 goals from midfield.

But a year at LA Galaxy has been underwhelming, and the league is by no means an easy retirement home any longer.

Just 5 goals in two seasons at LA Galaxy have left little to be impressed by, and at 36 it may be best to leave us with memories of the old explosive match winner that led Liverpool to three League Cups and the Champions league. Not an old, slower version of himself.

Equally how are Liverpool players meant to feel, if Gerrard is just allowed to come back into the team it would hardly help Jordan Henderson’s position as captain. Having another similar player with far more political clout than himself be back at the club.

I feel it may be just a romantic idea that he will come back and have a similar to impact of club legends like Drogba at Chelsea, and Henry at Arsenal where both made a genuine difference. But they still had an element of what they once were.

Gerrard however…. I’m not so sure.