Why Jonny Evans might not be a terrible purchase.

When it comes to recent Man Utd rejects, the clear message is to stay away.

Almost all including Wes Brown, John O’shea, Fabio, and Mikael Silvestre were hidden in a very organised Ferguson team which particularly shielded defensive players from issues they would face at ‘lesser clubs’.

So any purchase of such a player should be considered carefully.

Jonny Evans it must be said, is one of these people. Which makes you wonder why in one of the most demanding transfer windows in memory, the Gunners are linked to the Northern Irish stalwart.

However perhaps it is because when it comes to Jonny Evans he isn’t the same as the others. For one he is not of the same age profile that we are used to with Manchester throwaways, at 28 Evans is in his prime. Equally concerning experience there are few better, having played in Champions League ties at the Bernabeu. Bear in mind the guy has 9 major trophies, which means that aside from Alexis Sanchez and Petr Cech he would be the club’s most decorated player.

Add to that battling against relegation on loan at Sunderland, and a scrap at West Brom last year, and Evans is pretty much as experienced as you can get when it comes to the Premier league. Equally his no nonsense, defensive approach, and 6’2 frame mean he may be precisely what Arsenal need in terms of a centre back alongside Koscielny and to replace Mertesacker. Such experience and style of play lend themselves to being a leader, and that is precisely what Arsenal need.

Not going to lie, Arsenal do probably need someone better. (Shkrodan Mustafi)

But with Gabriel extremely inconsistent, both Koscielny and Mertesacker over 30, and Wenger for some reason insistent that Chambers can’t go centre back, the Gunners desperately need some depth at the back.

Evans is better than nothing.


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