Who would be better for Arsenal. Icardi? Or Lacazette?

One things is certain this summer, and that is that Arsenal need a striker.

Straight up, the fact that arsenal created the 2nd most chances in the league, yet in the conversion charts came 17th, shows that sadly the problem lies up front.

However this blame often lands unfairly with Olivier Giroud, who is not to blame.

Any striker scoring 24 goals in a season is worth their salt, but what is often overlooked is the fact that Mesut Özil scored a meagre 6 goals last term. Bearing in mind his assists, it’s clear that he is more of a creative type, but considering he plays in what is essentially a second striker role. This is not good enough.

As a result Arsenal have two options.

  1. Put a faster man up top who can capitalise on through balls and fit in with Mesut Özil’s type of play.
  2. Or put a faster more agile player alongside Giroud.

So the need is clear. Arsenal need a speedy striker.

Which is why quite honestly either will do out of Icardi or Lacazette. But for the sake of the Article let’s assess who’s be the better choice.

Both are good players and star men of European giants, though statistically Lacazette seems to come out on top. Scoring more than 20 goals in all of the previous 3 seasons, Lacazette is known to many on the continent, and is consistent which Arsenal are desperate for.

However Icardi is no slouch. Having scored more than 16 last term, in an average Inter team this purchase would be a big deal. One not just about a goalscorer, but the future of Arsenal’s attack, and on this Icardi is the winner.

Lacazette is a good goalscorer and no one can take this away from him, at 25 he has a great career ahead, but Icardi is just 22. Icardi is taller, more skilful, and has an aggressive edge which suggests a fit for the premier league. Given Arsenal’s formation, Icardi’s height may also come into play considering the lone striker role, and his link up play is equally as exceptional as his finishing. (Don’t get me wrong he’s no giant, but Lacazette is small) Mauro’s finishing is confident to say the least, and though he may not be the most popular around the emirates these days, if you think of Robin Van Persie, you aren’t far off.

Overall the Argentinian seems the better choice, despite probably costing a whopping £50 million.

But then again, that’s what it takes to compete these days.

If you are not familiar with either man, do watch the videos attached (ignoring the inevitable dodgy soundtracks) and leave your thoughts in the comments below.



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