Arsenal looking to Swansea Captain

This transfer story actually looks a few year out of date, but it’s not.

In 2013 Ashley Williams was the name on all Arsenal fans lips, with the central defender seen as the perfect partner for a more mobile Laurent Koscielny beside him. However according to the Sunday Express today, Wenger is yet again looking towards the Welsh centre back.

Whether Swansea would sell is another question, with the defensive stalwart a club legend and captain. But considering the £20 million fee that reports suggest the Gunners are willing to part with, the Swans may want to cash in. Especially when one considers that the player is approaching 32.

Though given his recent downturn in form, Arsenal fans may ask some serious questions about the transfer. The thinking is that Williams can be a replacement to an ageing Mertesacker, but given they are the same age this logic is flawed. The purchase may be centred around the fact that Gabriel has not yet matured into a suitable partner for Koscielny, which would give the player more time. Not to mention Williams is already an improvement on a player who despite being 6’7, is actually more of a liability in the air than a threat.

I’m sure he’d be welcomed if Williams did come to the emirates.

But then again he won’t win them the league.



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