Rosicky’s contract expiry shows savage nature of modern football

I will admit this guy has been my favourite player for the best part of 5 years.

But don’t let that take away from what I am about to say.

Understandably football is run as a business, and I appreciate that giving an injury prone 35 year old does not make business sense. But when Tomas Rosicky leaves the emirates for the last time it will be the nail in the coffin for romance in football.

And yes I do have the nerve to say that just weeks after Leicester have won the league.

The reason it will be far more tragic than any other to have left the Gunners in recent years, is that he is special. Not only is he one of the most naturally talented players we have ever had, but he is also the hardest working in our squad, as i’m sure that many a Gunner would support. Ironically the lightest of all the team, he was even our midfield enforcer for a short time in 2013. The reason being that despite INJURY after INJURY, the Czech captain would go as hard as he could into every tackle, every shot, every deft touch as if it was the last time he would ever kick a ball. He even saves his best for tottenham seemingly every season, scoring probably his most iconic goal below. Showing all the traits that make him such a gift to the game.


People will say that this is just nostalgia, and that all clubs have to eventually deal with heroes leaving. But John Terry had his stint and is not the player he was. Rosicky has got better with age like a fine wine, and how the first team could do with his dynamism and passion now.

I honestly think football is going too far with its professionalism if a player who actually entertains the crowd is deemed not worthy anymore. If you get rid of the entertainment, then why do we pay all this money to watch it.

Modern fast, strong, fit players who do their designated jobs on the pitch, no matter how finely tuned they are, will never be as entertaining as a talented boy from prague who keeps going despite everything.

We are meant to be entertained aren’t we? So with all the money in football now, why get rid of him.




One comment

  1. jenny · May 14, 2016

    Fabulous piece. He will be sorely missed by arsenal next season and hasn’t had enough recognition for his talents.


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