Chelsea after McEachran. Seriously.

This is not a joke.

Chelsea are reportedly enquiring about the possibility of bringing the prodigal son back to Stamford b=Bridge, the prodigal son which is Josh McEachran.

Josh was touted for greatness by many a Chelsea fan. Mostly just out of a desperation to stop the jokes associated with their academy, resulting from a dismal run that saw only Carlton Cole graduate for the whole of the 2000’s. Sadly McEachran never fulfilled his promise in the blue kit, and was quickly farmed out like every other Chelsea youngster to the Championship and Vitesse Arnhem.

Neither of which he flourished in.

Fast forward to the modern day and McEachran still plays in West London, only now for the far more glamorous outfit Brentford FC.

Nonetheless Chelsea may be coming back in for him. Like a person leading you on with no chance of success, Chelsea are once again teasing poor McEachran. Because in truth there is absolutely zero chance he will succeed if he goes back, he’s only played 14 games for Brentford since he signed in the summer.

Equally he was never that special anyway, being one of a sadly boring batch of players which flourished in the 08-12 period. The kind that passed simply to retain possession, and the lack of inspiration in his play is not going to somehow grow just because he returns to his old stomping ground.

The price being touted is 750,000, which is a normal price for a normal player.

Which McEachran is.

I can’t believe this is even a story given Chelsea are getting a new star manager who has never seen him play and are supposedly in for Radja Naingolan. But yeah.

This is actually a story.


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