Would Zlatan fit in at Arsenal?

It is widely known that the 8th wonder of the world Zlatan Ibrahimović is leaving for pastures new in the summer, and indeed some reports point to the possibility of an Emirates return.

The reason I say return, is because even though Zlatan never signed for Wenger’s side, he did in fact have a trial. A trial that he notoriously declined.

At the age of 34 Zlatan is probably past his prime, but that would not detract from the undoubted talent he can still use to aid Arsenal’s ambitions next year. Arsenal tend to use a target man within their side anyway (witness the likes of Giroud and less successful players like Nicklas Bendtner and Yaya Sanogo) so Zlatan could slot right in and give Arsenal that star they have been so desperately craving. Not to mention a character, which the Arsenal squad does not currently possess aside from arguably Jack Wilshere. The Swede’s experience, leadership, and finishing could see the Arsenal side improve overnight, and Gunners everywhere will be hoping to see these skills in North London next year.


The only problem of course will be the money aspect. Even though Arsenal are reportedly flush with disposable cash these days, Zlatan has apparently made demands of over £500,000 a week to counteract the UK’s high tax rates for wealthy individuals. The argument can be made that since Ibrahimović would be a free transfer, some of the potential transfer funds could be diverted into the striker’s wage packet. But this still brings into question whether a 34 year old forward is worth such a wage. One higher than that of Messi or Ronaldo.

Regardless, all Arsenal fans would take him in a heartbeat at the moment.

He doesn’t refer to himself in the third person for nothing.


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