Swansea for a Champions League place?

This morning most people were talking about the fact that Riyad Mahrez became PFA player of the year. So they may have missed a quite bold claim by Francesco Guidolin.

The statement was that similar to champions elect Leicester, Swansea too could have a meteoric rise. Specifically saying that the Swans could secure a Champions League place.

So is the Italian mad, or does he have something to really work with in South Wales.

The answer in all likelihood is no.

Despite a good start to the year, with Ayew & Gomis showing the form that made Swansea buy them, the Jacks didn’t keep it up. Indeed for most of the season they have been battling relegation. But then again look at Leicester…

The difference is that Swansea don’t have the same squad. Leicester’s team though not clearly talented to the untrained eye, was always very balanced. Swansea’s defence on the other hand is dismal, and simply not at the same standard as their midfield. Talented attacking talent such as Ayew, Sigurdsson and Montero are let down by less competent defenders such as Neil Taylor.

Therefore unless Swansea took a new approach, say getting a new manager and updating their defence, they won’t be getting anywhere near the top four. I think they may struggle to attract a manager of Ranieri’s calibre, but then again Benitez is now at Newcastle. Their Transfers have been fairly good historically though, with Swansea punching well above it’s weight in the talent it brings in.

Then again due to Leicester and West Ham’s sudden attack on the upper echelons of the Premier League. I guess anyone has a chance.





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