Are Rangers back?

Naturally the promotion of the Gers to the SPFL has seen the papers awash, with news that “The Old Firm is back!” and “Scottish football is saved!”

But is it?

Obviously today’s result shows Rangers may well be better than some of the top tier, as few ever beat the Bhoys or even give them a game for that matter. Indeed they are going to the Scottish cup final because of this peach.

However nobody would argue that Rangers have the better players, as they don’t. If you made up a composite 11 of the Glasgow sides. Barrie Mckay and Kenny Miller are good players, as is Danny Wilson. But they would still not displace many celtic players.

The point is that Celtic are at a low right now. Ronny Deila has overseen an era of stagnation and Rangers are on a high right now after their promotion, which they have every right to be. But people forget that their financial affairs are still dire and they operate on a loss annually. This means that all those people thinking Rangers are going to suddenly race out of the blocks and get a great squad again are deluded.

The sad truth is that Celtic are still established and Rangers are not. It will take years to get back to where they were and even then they will not be back to their heyday any time soon. There will not be european stars like Gattuso and Gascoigne again.

Next year the TV money that will go to relegated premier league teams will reach £100 million, the SPFL Champions will get £5 million.

Unless there is a crop of outstanding young talent in the SPFL, the future for not just Rangers but also Celtic, looks very bleak.


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