Strugglers looking to Sambou

Everton and Newcastle are two great english football clubs, institutions even. However this term both have been struggling, and need something new.

This is why both are linked with a certain coventry youngster by the name Bassala Sambou. Bassala was born in Hannover and is just 18 years old, but that hasn’t stopped him getting 25 goals year in the Coventry youth ranks.

With Newcastle almost certainly going down they are looking for some fresh blood and Sambou looks perfect, with a host of players set to move on.

Equally Everton may be losing players, though not for the same reasons. With a low mid table finish guaranteed many of Everton’s young stars may seek pastures new, most notably Romelu Lukaku. Wanting Champions League football it would be a surprise if the Belgian was still at Goodison next season. As such Sambou could come in as a future replacement, though presumably not to be leading the line straight away.

Whichever route Sambou takes, both clubs have a long history of giving youth a chance, and England may have another Striker to choose from in the not too distant future.


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