Who is Marcelo Brozović?

Its seems that Arsene Wenger is after yet another midfielder, this time from Croatia.

Reports in Italy suggest that Dinamo Zagreb’s Marcelo Brozović is being touted to the Emirates for £15 million, but who is the man currently on loan at Internazionale?

A box to box midfielder Brozović stands at 6ft tall and is known for his versatility. Having represented the Croatian national team at every level, the Zagreb born player has 14 caps for the senior team and is only 23 with supposedly a very bright future ahead of him. Brozović has also been on loan at Inter Milan for the past year and a half so has experience in a big league, so should in theory be able to make the jump.

Somewhat peculiar however is the players ownership. Brozović is on loan at Inter from Zagreb as of writing, however this loan deal contains an option to buy. All reports suggest Inter have already agreed to complete this purchase in the summer for £4 million. However this would mean Inter are simply buying the man to sell him on in the same window. Which if they get their desired asking price would hand them a tidy £11 million profit from a player they were simply the middle man for.

Perhaps this is the start of a new theme in world football, where clubs simply buy to sell in order to make a profit.

Regardless Brozović seems to be a very good player, and an aggressive on at that. If he is what arsenal need though is a different story given the recent outlay on Mohamed Elneny.

Decide for yourself.


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