Arteta lined up for Man City

No he’s not going to be their next midfield enforcer.

Instead Mikel Arteta may be making his first steps out of football.

Reports in the Times claim Pep Guardiola may wish to add the catalan playmaker to his backroom staff, a move that would probably mean retirement for the Arsenal captain.

Knowing each other from Arteta’s time at Barcelona Pep reportedly wishes to add someone with personal experience of the premier league as well as experience playing a style similar to that which Guardiola imposes at his clubs.

If so Arteta would be retiring at the fairly young age of 33, especially surprising given his talent. The spaniard has never relied on his physicality and could probably still play a large role for any mid table side. Even though he has seen himself fall down the pecking order at the Emirates, his name carries a lot of weight from his time at Everton and he will be missed by the football community if he does indeed retire.

Arteta would also be adding to the already extensive ex-arsenal contingent in the city brand, with both Patrick Vieira and David Platt both managing city franchises abroad.

If he does indeed move on I’m sure all gunners will wish him well after his key role in a transition period which stabilised the squad in 2011.


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