How’s Bendtner doing?

Nicklas Bendtner has been offered nearly £100,000 in weekly salary.

Yes you read that right.

Nicklas Bendtner

Reports in the Daily Mirror have claimed that the Big dane is wanted in the far east and that means naturally, a lot of money is on the table.

But why is he so in demand, most remember him as certainly not being worth 100,000 grand a week?

Well he hasn’t really done much of note since leaving the Premier League. Despite scoring a late equaliser against Bayern Munich which saw Wolfsburg win the German Super Cup the target man’s career has not quite taken off in the Bundesliga.

Falling behind both Das Dost and Max Cruse in recent times Nicklas Bendtner has lost his place in the side, a place he is unlikely to win back with Wolfsburg manager Dieter Hecking stating that he is free to leave. Sadly for “Lord” Bendtner it seems an exit is most likely, and with his contract running out next year, it seems Wolfsburg may choose to cash in.

Amazingly there are still Premier league clubs considering the Dane including most notably Crystal Palace, but given the striker’s now almost comical reputation it is hard to see many clamouring or his signature.

He does have talent, you don’t just score 29 international goals by chance. Not to mention 47 for arsenal somehow, but I feel we’ve seen enough.

It may be the end of Bendtner’s eventful stint in the top leagues of Europe.

But still £100,000 a week wouldn’t be bad.




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