Sturridge linked with Newcastle

This story sounds surreal and it may well be a load of rubbish. After all it does come from the Daily Star. However it may just be possible.

Much has been made of Daniel Sturridge’s injury problems, culminating last month in Jurgen Klopp essentially hanging the striker out to dry. The German claiming to the press that he perhaps needs to understand the difference between “a bit of pain and serious pain.”

The obvious insinuation from Klopp: Daniel is the one who thinks he can’t play, not the medical staff.

This has somewhat soured relations at Anfield and understandably. Sturridge is remembered for being a part of Liverpool’s hailed SSS (Suarez Sturridge Sterling) which so nearly brought them the title in 2014. As such fans of the Reds seem to be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but a club can only hold onto a player for so long without playing. Considering he is not, they may look to offload him.

This is where Newcastle come in. Since the Summer the Magpies have spent up to £80 million. It seems Mike Ashley has finally put his money in, and their squad has had a much needed influx of talent. Sturridge would also add to a growing English contingent in the north East, joining not just Shelvey  but also the likes of Townsend, and Colback.

Sturridge would be another step though it has to be said. Newcastle in recent years have become a relegation side, and no matter what their fans say about being a big club, Sturridge is better than playing at St. James’. Though it could be a good place to rebuild his reputation and prove he can still play.

Reports say £30 million will be offered.

Liverpool want to rid themselves of a player who won’t play, Newcastle want a star, Sturridge wants to be playing.

It could be a great deal all round.


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