Does Remi Garde have any right to just jump ship?

There is a strong argument that often it is not the manager’s fault. Especially if he is not backed financially in a situation as competitive as the Premier League.

Remi Garde, has not been backed.

It’s almost as though the Aston Villa hierarchy is now so resigned to facing the championship next season that this season is a write off. But even still, they should have signed people accordingly. Aston Villa have probably just the one player who has played well this season and that is Micah Richards, so in all honesty they could have signed a lot of replacements if they had wanted. Aston Villa are a wealthy club, and could have easily gone and got Jordan Rhodes like Middlesborough did. If they had done so, they would have the best striker in the championship next season, as well as a player who could potentially help in this one. Instead they signed literally no one.

Remi Garde however has won just once. Out of 15 games in charge the guy has only managed a single win over crystal palace. So who on earth is he to say he may leave. Regardless of no financial backing some of the blame has to lie with him, dealing with limited resources and getting the best out of them is the job of being a manager.

Remi Garde came in with a great reputation from Lyon, so this was unexpected to say the least. But the players don’t seem to play for him.

For the ex Arsenal defender to jump ship now would reek of a simple move to preserve his reputation, and not have a relegation on his record. But in reality his reputation is damaged anyway.

For Remi Garde it seems the buck never stops with him, but at some point it has to.




  1. Bob Pockneall · February 4, 2016

    I must agree with your comments about the “loyalty” of Remi Garde but did see a bit of character from his side on Monday night against West Ham despite being reduced to 10 following the stupidity of Jordan Ayew. Nevertheless they still look destined for Championship football next season.


    • charliewrights · February 4, 2016

      I think funnily enough Ayew will be one of the few to be snapped up if they do go down, as with his brother at Swansea.


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