Why is nobody talking about Joel Ward?

Whenever you go on Sky sports these days all you see is praise for English players on the fringe of the England set up. Every year there seems to be the “Peoples choice” for who should be the next hero to lead the three lions or what is essentially in football the Hipster choice. But they never last and most are just in a rich vein of form. Harry Kane was last years who is indeed a good player , but other years have seen the likes of Grant Holt, Rickie Lambert and this year Jamie Vardy all build up to a crechendo where the whole country is calling for their first cap, but there it usually ends, it even happened with Jimmy Bullard, and Ryan Shawcross for god’s sake. SO WHY DOES NOBODY TALK ABOUT JOEL WARD.

He’s not a striker and I get that so he is never going to garner the same headlines, but he has got to be one of the most versatile players in the league, second surely only to the underrated James Milner. Joel Ward has been known to play in attacking midfield for Crystal Palace and is usually a right back, but few realise that his natural position is Centre back. So why would England not take a player with this versatility and drive (which he has in abundance) to the Euros in the summer. Joel Ward attacks more proficiently than any full back since Leighton Baines in 2012, and he causes havoc in oppositions defences, just like he did against Arsenal earlier this year. His powerful running and surprising creativity put him among the best full backs in the league and by God he can tackle.

Joel Ward.jpg

So please someone in big media please pick this up and give the guy the credit he deserves.


One comment

  1. palaceweekly · January 15, 2016

    Completely agree – very under rated for such a good young right back.


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