Is Van Gaal right for United?

Doubtless you will all be chuckling about the devastating fall from grace that the red devils experienced last night. I’m also sure you all saw the swathes of fans calling for his resignation on twitter as well.

But he isn’t actually that bad.

After all this is a man who has managed the very best (Better than Manchester United sorry guys) and really does know what he is doing. But he has failed to bring last 16 football and that is something that isn’t usual for United. But it’s not just that and everyone knows it.

Louis Van Gaal

Manchester United have been in some people’s eyes the most boring side to have graced the premier league in recent years, and you can’t really argue with that. They rarely score, they don’t even win (Wolfsburg/PSV) and it’s not worth the money to go see them. They are certainly grinding out results but thats what United have always done, so is Van Gaal worth keeping?

If he wins the League he will obviously keep his job and he has already stated he will see it out until the end of his contract, at which point he will leave but i’m not so sure thats a good thing. If they do indeed win the league it will be a sad day for football, but United fans are certainly being too harsh calling for his head. Many clubs deal with short term boredom for long term game (Benitez at Madrid) so maybe its worth sticking.

Then again Moyes is available…




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