Why Arsenal and Wenger need Benzema

Why Arsenal & Wenger need Benzema so badly

Olivier Giroud has been at Arsenal for a total of 3 years. In the process his goal return has increased year on year, showing that from a return of 19 in 2012-13, Giroud fired home 23 goals in 2013-14, and 19 last season – despite being blighted with niggling injuries. The pattern shows the clear upward trajectory of Olivier settling, and beginning to make a serious return on what now seems like a steal at around £10 million… What’s to say this wont be the year he’ll get 25?

When you hear someone say “We need a striker who will get 20+ goals a season”, tell them that. After all, Giroud has done great, when we were struggling to get 4th in 2013, he pulled through. When we went on a run and held onto 1st for half the season in 2014 he was the guy bull dozing the small teams week in week out making sure we stayed on course. He is also just 28, and potentially this could be his best season yet. So the guy deserves respect. I mean look at this.


Arsenal need more, and as much as I am a fan of Giroud, I am fully aware of his flaws. Aside from his dominance in the air and his strong link up play, there is little that qualifies Olivier Giroud as the striker Arsenal need. Indeed, against the big teams Olivier comes up painfully short, with the Frenchman scoring just 4 times against the top four in his time with the Gunners. That’s an extremely poor return, and part of the reason Arsenal have dropped points against tough opposition. Then when you take into account the potential replacements in Danny Welbeck and Joel Campbell, you can see why the fans are clamouring for a new face.

Bringing in Benzema would solve this issue and then some. Not only can he lead from the front on his own with his 6.2″ frame, but he is also the complete striker. This is something Giroud cant claim to be, and as much as Giroud’s a good player, he wont win us the league. Just like Thierry Henry says, he’s not world class. Benzema is however, as he plays with the best players in the world week in week out, has a proven goal scoring record, and can score against the very best unlike Giroud.

Though that seems to be a part of the problem, even though Arsenal now seem to be able to purchase top talent like Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez, they may struggle with a player who is truly valued as a star at a big club. After all, there is reasoning behind Kaka’s claim that Arsenal will struggle to lure him to the capital. Along with the stumbling block of the price, Real Madrid are unlikely to release a player who has been involved in 51 goals over the past two seasons – only beaten by Messi and Ronaldo.

However, Arsenal fans should not fret. After all, Lord Harris stated that Arsene Wenger could buy anyone apart from Messi or Ronaldo, so why not go for Benzema? It could already be on the cards, with ESPN reporter and Real Madrid fan Jeinny Lizarazo claiming the deal is already done. If this is the case I would be absolutely delighted. After all, any player who can score 87 goals in 5 years all while being in and out of the team, and facing endless public scrutiny is welcome at the Emirates in my book for any price. We all know how well a player can blossom when he has the weight of scrutiny lifted off his shoulders when leaving Spain, just look at Sanchez. So here’s to hoping Karim will soon have a cannon on his chest.

And for the few of you who are not convinced, just watch him embarrass one of the greatest defenders of all time. Enjoy.


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